Amendment to the Financial Services Bill (2019-21)

This week, an amendment to the Financial Services Bill (2019-21) will be put to the House of Lords, aiming to ensure a ‘fair debt write-down’ of debts sold on the secondary debt market. This is a positive move towards a debt system which is more just and fair. But what does it actually mean? Let’sContinue reading “Amendment to the Financial Services Bill (2019-21)”

Resolution Foundation reports that over 1/3 of Universal Credit claimants have seen debts mount during lockdown

A report published by the thinktank Resolution Foundation earlier this week suggests some concerning figures on the UK’s household debt crisis. The report suggests that more than three in ten people who began claiming Universal Credit during the pandemic have either acquired new debts or seen their existing debts grow in the past year. ThisContinue reading “Resolution Foundation reports that over 1/3 of Universal Credit claimants have seen debts mount during lockdown”

County Court Judgements released revealing a large and unexpected rise

This week, it was reported that County Court Judgements (CCJs) have risen dramatically – which leaves many vulnerable people at risk of being chased for debts. This all comes as the UK Government prepares to lift several of the protections put in place on people struggling with debt, including a ban on repossessions. A CCJContinue reading “County Court Judgements released revealing a large and unexpected rise”

Hidden consequences of the evictions ban

Last week the Government announced that the ban on evictions in England and Wales would be extended to 21st February. This was a necessary step to ensure that no one loses their home in the midst of a public health crisis. However, amidst this welcome announcement is hidden the disappointing detail that the Government haveContinue reading “Hidden consequences of the evictions ban”

The delayed impact of the debt crisis

In a recent opinion piece in the Guardian (16 December 2020), Phillip Inman and Patrick Collinson suggested that the greatest impact of debt forced onto families by Covid-19 would likely not be felt until 2022. Weighing up the delay on insolvency processes and the temporary impact of Covid support measures, they are right. Numbers ofContinue reading “The delayed impact of the debt crisis”

Advent, evictions, and homelessness

This year has been challenging for everyone, and as Advent begins, many of us will be relieved as it draws to a close and we can begin to look forward to Christmas. But new research from organisations including Stepchange and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation show that for people weighed down by debt, Christmas will beContinue reading “Advent, evictions, and homelessness”

Joint Letter to the Chancellor

Dear Chancellor We are writing because we are gravely concerned about the growing crisis of household debt that millions of families are facing this Christmas. As church and Christian leaders from across the country, we have witnessed the hardship experienced by low income families during the pandemic. We have heard countless stories from people whoContinue reading “Joint Letter to the Chancellor”

Responding to the Breathing Space Scheme

As many people have been writing to their MPs about Reset The Debt, we have built up a picture of responses. Many Conservative MPs’ responses are addressing the Breathing Space Scheme. Whilst welcome, the scheme – announced in February 2020 – does not come into action until Spring 2021 and does not directly address theContinue reading “Responding to the Breathing Space Scheme”